“Eleven years ago during the dot com bust, I became Jane Woodworth’s first commercial debt collection client. At the time I was Corporate Counsel for Cognos Corporation, responsible for all legal matters (including overdue receivables) throughout North America. I knew Jane from law school, and also knew Jane as a highly successful litigator with a shrewd mind for business. Jane initially balked at the idea of getting into commercial debt collection. Knowing Jane well, and knowing her abilities, I was relentless in pursuing her to work as outside counsel for Cognos’ collection efforts. I was convinced that Jane could help me and Cognos reduce our DSOs. Her business acumen and her persistence are unmatched. I believed that if anyone could collect Cognos’ overdue receivables, it was Jane Woodworth.”


“After several unsuccessful attempts to convince Jane to take some cases from Cognos, I made her a deal she couldn’t refuse - $5,000 in exchange for one phone call. That $5,000 investment paid off. Jane collected 100% of the $200,000 receivable -- and then she collected many, many more after that. I subsequently became Vice President, Finance & Administration for Cognos and increased my reliance on Jane to help me improve DSOs and reduce our bad debt expense. Over this time, Jane transformed her complex litigation practice into a commercial debt collection practice. There is no one I can recommend more highly to get the job done.”


Michael A. Morrison
V.P., Financial Performance Management
Cognos, an IBM Company



“Stride & Associates, Inc. has used Woodworth & Frisella for our legal collection matters for over ten years. As their main point of contact in our company, I can assure you I would not take our business elsewhere. I receive frequent updates on our accounts and I know that they always negotiate settlements with our best interest in mind. Their assistance, with both our collections retrieval and contract negotiations, has been integral to our East Coast operations. I receive at least one request a week from outside collection agencies asking me to use their services and I always tell them that I have no interest in changing things up; I can’t imagine having better representation then what Woodworth & Frisella provides us.”


Debbi Maggio
Stride and Associates, Inc.



“Advanceme, Inc. retained Woodworth & Frisella over three years ago to handle all our collection matters in Massachusetts. We are a nationwide firm and hire lawyers in all 50 states. Perhaps our case manager summed up our appreciation of Amy Frisella and Jane Woodworth the best when he circulated an email saying: “I just wish we had a Woodworth & Frisella in all fifty states.” ”

C. Travis Maxwell III
V.P., Associate General Counsel & Compliance Officer
Advanceme, Inc.