Free Structure

We know in order to be the best collection attorneys, we must offer the flexible fee structure our clients need. By reviewing your industry, business, clientele, and in-house collection process, we can determine which fee structure will best fit your company's needs (and save you the most money on your legal fees).


Our legal services are offered on a contingency basis only. This means we only get paid when you do. There are no hourly fees, monthly billings, or worries about spending good money to chase bad. And, because your company can, in most cases, carry your uncollected debt as a write-off while we work on it, there is virtually no risk to sending us your delinquent accounts.

Flat-Rate Contingency Fee

This option keeps your legal fees at a flat one-third regardless of the amount of time and effort it takes to collect. The only cost to you is actual expenses (e.g., filing fees, service of process, etc.).

Step Fees

The step fee payment is a contingency fee payment basis that allows the legal fee to ratchet up and down dependent upon the stage of the case. For accounts collected in the initial "demand letter phase" attorneys' fees are set at a flat 25%. If the case does not settle and a lawsuit is filed, the fee increases to 33%. If we win the lawsuit and complex pursuit and negotiation of post-judgment remedies are required, the fee increases to 50% post-judgment.


Call us to discuss your case - we will meet or beat any collection agency fee!