We specialize in unique and effective collection services for all types of businesses with a focus on business-to-business company collections. Through our experience we have developed a special niche and understanding of collections within the software industry. We also partner with many law firms, venture capitalists, and collections agencies who outsource their collection efforts.


Whether you outsource your collections to us, are an attorney or venture capitalist, or working with us on a one-time collection case, you will find us to be hard-working, responsive, and always at your service. We call our clients before they call us. They always know the status of their cases and the time frame for the next step. You will never have to chase us down, leave multiple messages, or have lengthy conversations with our answering machines.


Collections Outsourcing: improve cash flow and bottom line

In an effort to reduce overhead, streamline business processes, and utilize professional expertise, outsourcing is one of the newest, most successful trends in business. Outsourcing allows your business to concentrate doing business while improving cash flow.


When you consider outsourcing collections, you must ask yourself the following:


If the answer to any of these questions is "no," you may want to consider outsourcing your collections to a professional with the expertise to get the job done right!


Attorneys: increase client retention

Improve your legal practice today! If you represent business clients and don’t love corporate collections, improve your practice by referring your collection matters to us. No attorney can meet all legal needs of every business client. You no longer need to feel pressure to accept a collection case or turn down a collection case. Your client will get the best representation from attorneys who know the collection business. And, because the referral comes from you, your client sees your firm as meeting all of its legal needs.


Venture Capitalists: maximize investment potential

For a venture capitalist, partnering with us is the right move to maximize the value that may lay hidden in your investments. We partner with businesses to actively maximize collection of their overdue receivables, significantly reducing their DSO while preserving their business relationships. We can work with your companies to help them develop internal mechanisms to improve their overall receivables, resulting in fewer uncollected accounts.


Too many companies overlook the benefits of improving their collections. Managers are often too busy doing what they do best – running their business. They too often regard uncollected and overdue accounts as a simple costs of doing business, and accept these accounts as write-offs without exhausting all available collection efforts.


We encourage venture capitalists to consider all of the benefits our firm offers to companies in which you have invested.


Did you know?

WE HAVE SUED MANY OF OUR CLIENTS – Some of our business clients are businesses we have sued in the past. Odd, you say? Here’s why: We treat everyone with respect and dignity, while getting the job done. As a result, past debtors often request our services as creditors and where no conflict arises, we help them.