About Us

We have developed a niche practice in the area of corporate collections. We are not a collection agency — we are a law office concentrating on contract issues that result in the need for collections. Our many years of experience in collecting overdue debt has resulted in our unique strategy of combining romance, hardball, and vigilance to get the best outcome for each of our clients.


We are not your typical law office. At the Law Office of Woodworth & Frisella, we strive to offer our clients the very best outcome in each and every case. To do this, we believe we cannot be bound to tradition, which has resulted in some very unconventional practices at our firm.


For instance, only experienced lawyers contact your debtors – not agents, paralegals or assistants. We understand your contracts, the issues facing the industry, and your products. Our job is to get your receivable paid first. When necessary, we leverage our power to litigate in order to bolster our efforts and enhance your bottom line.


We pride ourselves on timely results, creative and advantageous deals, dedication to preserving your business relationships, and strict internal quality controls. Our fees are based on money actually collected, so there is no risk to you.


Early action is critically important. According to the Commercial Law League of America, when an account receivable is past due, even after only three months, the probability of collection drops to 72.3%. After six months, your chances of collection decrease to 56.1%. At one year past due, there is a mere 29.7% chance that the delinquent account will be collected.


It is our strategic balance between vigilance, early action, romance, and – when called for – hardball that our firm offers. Excellence and judgment in all these areas is what differentiates our work.